RookStar is a free puzzle game that will challenge you to the limit. It's a mobile variant of the classic board game Ricochet Robots. Practice before you complete the daily challenges to become the top RookStar of the day!

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Rooks move until they hit a wall or another rook.

The goal is to move the rook with the same color as the star to the star.

You often need to position another rook to help out.

Victory! Good luck becoming the top RookStar!

Top RookStars

Play at least 20 challenges with your friends(or a random opponent) to get ranked.

# Player Rating
1 MatsEriksson 1836
2 PeterFornwall 1772
3 HappyKiwi🥝🌟 1732
4 PeterHendee 1665
5 Ensten 1556
6 stefancy 1488
7 PeterOhlsson 1481
8 Ellen 1442
9 SteffenOxenvad 1440
10 PierrePingaud 1427

After I started playing RookStar, my life finally feels complete.

Anonymous Gamer